The mission of the Burlington Tenants Union is to grow tenant power, improve housing quality, and democratize housing in the Greater Burlington area through collective organizing, education, and redistribution of resources back into the hands of the people.

Vision Statement

As members of the Burlington Tenants Union,

We envision equal rights for people of color, immigrants, women, and all oppressed and exploited people. We envision an end to racism, and want to build a society based on self-determination, social justice, and solidarity.
We envision a future without displacement through real estate speculation and forced migration. We envision a society where housing is a human right and all people thrive.

We envision a future where corporate control is replaced by an economy run by the people and for the people, and political power is in the hands of those who need change the most.

We envision a restoration of balance between humans and nature, and an end to ecological plunder.
We believe that we need to confront and undermine the white supremacy that permeates Vermont and the Greater Burlington area by joining together as tenants across differences such as race, immigration status, and language.

Decrease rent

All housing should be free and accessible to everyone. As a short-term goal, we want to make sure that no one has to spend more than one-third of their income on their housing.

Democratize housing

We all deserve to have input into our living conditions. This means that all tenants should have a say on the type of housing that is built in our city and the type of unit they will live in.

Dignified housing

Housing should be comfortable and convenient for everyone. All people in our city are entitled to permanent. high-quality housing. No one should be forced to live without housing, or live in cramped, low-quality temporary shelters, We are committed to establishing access to housing that is safe, livable, and accommodating to everyone in Burlington.

Increase tenant power

Landlords have too much control over the lives of their renters. We plan to correct this imbalance by taking power away from landlords and putting it back into the hands of tenants, the majority of Burlington residents. We plan to do this by supporting each other, through organizing, direct action, and tenant education.